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I am seeking a POA newsletter article, a chapter in a book or a research study about the impact a child’s death can have on a law enforcement officer. If you have read an article about coping strategies for LEO or stress reactions while working in the child abuse unit that may come close. I am not looking for literature about exposure to child porn on LEO, or how they effectively cope.


I am seeking journal articles regarding fire fighters’ reactions to the death of a child. The article must focus on why this particular call for service is so unique, specific coping strategies or a case study of a fire fighter. I am not looking for book chapters about how to notify a parent that their child has died, or what to say or do at a school when a child has died.


Children have been dying in emergency services since we showed up in covered wagons. What research article, newsletter or magazine article focuses on this topic? What have you read that covers adaptive versus maladaptive reactions from prehospital care to ER docs?


Have you heard a speaker a conference or listened to a pod cast from someone in this field regarding the death of a child? What coping techniques are most helpful for dispatchers after this type of call?


War is hell. How is combat different when children are involved as targets or collateral damage? What have you read from any branch of the military regarding the death of a child during war time?


When a child dies you probably have many resources and can provide comfort to the family and friends of the victim. I’m sure you have a wealth of scriptures from different traditions to explain why bad things happen to good people.  What hand out, brochure, or flyer do you give the emergency responders following a school shooting or bus accident that discusses the unique existential questions this type of call must pose to them?  This book further explores the subject.



Be on the look-out
police psychology students!

This is an unstudied topic within the subspecialty of police psychology. If you have access to data and need a member for your dissertation committee, please
contact me.

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