What First Responders are Saying

Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received from past class attendees, from various groups:

What Peer Support Teams are Saying about the day-long class:

“Great class and great information. It was presented great and I learned a lot to take back to my Peer Support Team and officers at my department.”

“A+++ Presentation. Down to earth and genuine information. Thank you!”

“I have heard about death notification, but this class was helpful.”

“I enjoyed your class. At first I was dreading it thinking it would be heavy and depressing. It was light and informative.”

“My natural reaction is to go tactical, so the role play allowed me the opportunity to practice not doing that.”

“Anne – great information. Thank you so much. I was worried about how I would react or respond when I saw the topic for the whole day, but you made it interesting, fun, and informative. Thank you!”

“Great class! Great presenter! You seem very trustworthy!”

“I liked how you presented dealing with a child death by keeping us on the outside while still learning key skills.”

“You have a deep compassion for what you do! It’s evident through out your presentation. Thank you and be safe.”

“Really liked how you handled the topic so it was lighter.”

What Law Enforcement Peer Supporters are saying about the one-hour class:

“Anne – Most of your presentation falls under the “Really? I have never thought of it that way before” category…You have a Great way of telling stories. I really wish this was a longer class.”

“Your presentation was clear, easy to follow and informative. Your points are a good reminder to take care of ourselves. What we see and hear at work has a profound effect on our lives whether or not we realize it! We need balance in our lives with lots of hobbies and laughter! Thank you!”

What paramedics are saying about the one-hour class:

“A couple of things you said made sense about things I have felt before.”

“Coping strategies [were] very beneficial!”

“The organization of the information improved my understanding on PTSD in relation to child death.”

“It was refreshing to hear you emphasize “its ok to be ok.” Thank you!”

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